Celebrating CAF Women's Goalkeeper of the Year

Celebrating CAF Women’s Goalkeeper of the Year

With overflowing joy, I wholeheartedly congratulate the incredible Chiamaka Nnadozie @nnadozi_chiamaka, Imo State’s stellar goalkeeper, on securing the esteemed 2023 CAF Women’s Goalkeeper of the Year Award. Your dedication to the beautiful games you played has now blossomed into a well-deserved success!
Her phenomenal accomplishment swells our hearts with pride as we have witnessed her remarkable journey and wholeheartedly encouraged her to reach even greater heights. May this triumph serve as a guiding light for those who admire you, reminding them that the path to greatness knows no limits.
Here’s to more adventures ahead! Congratulations 🎉
Chief Barr. (Mrs.) Chioma Uzodimma.
First Lady of Imo State, Founder of GoodHope Flourish Foundation and Secretary of Renewed Hope Initiative.

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