Celebrating Children’s Day, 2022

Children’s Day is about promoting the rights of children and raising awareness of issues such as malnutrition, child labour, sexual abuse, and all other vices they might be subjected to.

Irrespective of a child’s background or current status, he/she shouldn’t be deprived of his or her right to be curious or pure in spirit. Childhood is all about innocence, curiosity, freedom, and possibilities.

Since our children are the future, it is up to each one of us to contribute to making our children’s world a safer place by investing in every facet of their development. Happy Children’s Day!!!

#HappyChildrensDay #chiomauzodimma
Chief Barr. (Mrs.) Chioma Uzodimma.
First Lady, Imo State, and Founder,
GoodHope Flourish Foundation.

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